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Dedic "MD in NYC" (2011, Origin Records)

Reviewed July 2012 by Dustin Garlitz, Editor: JazzTalent.com


Zagreb, Croatia’s Matija Dedic is emerging as one of the most important rising stars on Continental Europe’s jazz scene.  His modern piano trio performances with sidemen Vincente Archer and Kendrick Scott certainly qualify him as a significant up-and-coming jazz artist hailing from this particular region of Europe, if not the continent as a whole.  It is a real pleasure getting to hear Dedic in action with Archer and Scott in New York City in this 2011 release of his on Origin Records.  Dedic’s piano jazz can be thought of somewhere between the styles of Robert Glasper and Brad Mehldau, with an overall sound historically reminiscent of Bill Evans.  Archer sounds just as strong with Dedic as he does with Glasper.  The Herbie Hancock Blue Note track “Maiden Voyage” is in fact done in the style of Glasper, but for Dedic (as is the case throughout his entire New York City album), mood is ever more important.  His work on electronics further amplifies the mood-based tension and release in his modern jazz.  This is especially true of his covering of the Miles Davis Kind of Blue standard “Blue in Green”.  With his covering of Sting’s “Fragile”, Dedic leaves the jazz listener wanting more, and judging by the overall quality of this release, the modern jazz listener will have many more opportunities to hear Zagreb’s Dedic in action in trio settings on both sides of the Atlantic in the future.