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  The Jazziz Idea  
  by Dustin Garlitz  

        February 2005:

       Michael and Lori Fagien, owners of Jazziz Magazine, have a nice franchise put together.  The South Florida-based company now has their own state-of-the-art jazz bistro which showcases top talent.  Last month Gato Barbieri played the restaurant, and this month Lee Ritenour is scheduled to make an appearance.  I may have to make a trip down there to see Spyro Gyra later this year.  The Fagiens’ magazine has grown to be the largest publication for jazz music in the world (yes, bigger than Downbeat and Jazz Times).  During the 1990s there was a progressive editorial shift at the magazine which led to a lot of features on creative jazz musician.  David S. Ware made the cover in October of 1998 (Steve Dollar was the author of the article) and Matthew Shipp had been featured on the cover previous to this.  In August of 1999, Dante Sawyer made the move from Gainesville, Florida to New York City to work with Editor Larry Blumenfeld on the features for the magazine.  The next year he wrote the cover story on bassist William Parker (one of the topics was the masterclass I had organized for William over the summer of 2000).  Boca Raton-based Editors Fernando Gonzalez and Michael Koretzky now are open minded enough to accept most of the developments in the current avant-garde community of New York's City's Downtown Manhattan. The bi-monthly ‘Inside Out’ column features some wonderful free-jazz musicians.  A big plus of a Jazziz magazine subscription is that the magazine does in fact come with a free companion CD each month.