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  The Japanese Fringe  
  by Dustin Garlitz  

        February 2005:

       Otomo Yoshihide is one of the countless computer musician mavericks thriving in the current Japanese electronic music scene.   His 1997 Sound Factory album features some of the most insane noises ever generated by computer.   Sachiko M joins him on Filament 1 (1998).  John Zorn commissioned Cathode on Tzadik Records (1999), which features ensemble pieces with instrumentalists.   If you want to hear another unbelievable electronic music album on Tzadik, buy Psycho-Acoustic (this work took literally thousands of hours to make on a computer).  Zornís label has a Japanese series of albums issued annually.  Ikue Mori is one of the other pioneers of electronic music featured on this series.