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  Harlem's Danny Mixon  
  by Dustin Garlitz  

       January 2005:

       Pianist Danny Mixon, who looks and sounds like Bud Powell, is Entertainment Director of the Lenox Lounge in Harlem.  Next month he is scheduled to tour Florida with a vocalist from St. Louis as part of the stateís celebration of Black History Month.  He is scheduled to appear in my city with a bassist I recorded with in the 1990ís, as well as with my saxophone repair man.  Mixon appears once a month at the Lenox Lounge with his trio, which features the great Michael Carvin (from the Billy Bang band) on drums.  I caught this group on my 21st birthday in Harlem.  Almost everyone in the audience were musicians (I went with my band mates, and we ran into others from music school). If you are ever in New York, I would stop by the Lenox Lounge to hear Mixon jamming with his band.  You can make a dinner out of it- the club serves the best Soul Food (there is another 24 hour Soul Food restaurant right across the street as well).  I am patiently waiting to catch Mixon here in Florida next month; Iím going to have a big talk with him about whatís new in Harlem.