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  American Music Timeline  
  by Dustin Garlitz  

       December 2004:

1880s: Work Songs

1890s: Delta Blues

1900s: Ragtime

1910s: Dixieland

1920s: Jazz Age

1930s: Swing

1940s: Bebop

1950s: Hard-Bop

1960s: Avant-Garde

1970s: Fusion

1980s: Hip-Hop

1990s: Techno

2000s: One big melting pot

       Letís see some interesting musical collaborations this decade.  I want to hear something new.  When I was 16, listening to Charles Mingusí composition Celia, the music was entirely new to me; I had never heard anything like it before.  Two years earlier, when I first listened to Duke Ellington and John Coltrane play In A Sentimental Mood, I thought to myself that things were changing all around me. As a fourteen year old, I then realized that I was going through a tremendous growth process too. The dulcet tones of Coltraneís sax put me to sleep that night.

       Different schools are starting to mesh into one united entity. This amoebaís gravitational pull is toward the 1957 to 1962 era on my timeline.  Hard-boppers such as James Carter are starting to play with avant-garde cats like Joey Baron (the drummer was part of 'long and tall' Carterís Gypsy project). With Globalization in full effect, maybe all of the worldís music will become unified some day. Itís an interesting (and even daunting) theory.  First though, let us see if more 20th century jazz styles merge together: I want to see beboppers on stage mixing it up with rappers and free jazz cats going crazy with DJs at raves.  I donít think this is too much to ask.