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Sylvain Leroux featuring Karl Berger "Quatuor Creole" (2012)

Reviewed July 2012 by Dustin Garlitz, Editor: JazzTalent.com


Rising jazz star Sylvain Leroux’s new release Quatuor Creole highlights his extensive talents on flutes.  The 2012 album features Leroux on both the tambin (Fula flute) and a traditional C flute.  Part of what makes the release a welcomed arrival is sideman Sergo Decius’ world music rhythms on congas and percussion.  Contrabassist Matt Pavolka displays a grounding sense of this on his instrument too, making for rhythm and grooves that are as enlightening as they are therapeutic.  The notable Karl Berger’s piano and vibraphone performance only add to this recording’s representation as a perfect contemporary music release for those in pursuit of sounds beyond jazz, yet played by musicians who in fact have that type of chops and command on their instruments.  This statement is made evident on the album’s centerpiece, the nearly 12 minute long “fantaisie creole”.  Another standout is “Tanganika”, which comes in just short of the six minute mark.